Friday, July 10, 2009

Sheep May Safely Graze....

...unless they touch the electronet.

We put them in the backyard to mow. You can see where I moved it back a bit today to give them some greener grass.

Excuse me ma'am, your clothes are falling off.
This is Monkey - a hair sheep cross - shedding her coat.
We wormed everyone today and all I had to mark them (so you don't re-worm someone by accident) was BluKote. You can see it on their foreheads where it is supposed to be, but it also smeared all over them and us. ugh.

Mom and SON? Isn't Spot a big boy? He is a 3 month old BLxSuffolk and is going to a home where he will be their terminal sire. Lucky boy!

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