Monday, November 24, 2008

a lil sumpin sumpin

We're going to pick up a new little addition to the family next Saturday.
Hint - woof woof yip yip.

Lazy B


Andre left Saturday for Maine to visit his parents. They aren’t well.
Because of all the animals at home to take care of and also because of the price of airfares!! our big trips are usually taken solo/sans significant other. I don’t worry so much when I am away from home because Andre does EVERYTHING at home anyway. He’s the cook, takes care of the dogs (morning shift) and various other things that just have to get done and I try not to take all he does for granted. I’m more worried when he’s away that I might not be able to survive! I’m a terrible cook but the last couple of days I’ve mostly just heated up some soup and had a few breakfasts/lunches out. Last night I had a WW frozen dinner. I’m at work today eating a can of microwaveable Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli and it isn’t too bad. Poor Erin (daughter who has returned to nest) keeps asking when I’m going to the store for food. She’s never home anyway (Miss Social Butterfly), so I’m not worried about her. She’s happy as long as there is a case of Dr. Pepper in the fridge.
Note to self – make yourself a little less dispensable. Cook a little, don’t sleep in on weekends while your wonderful hubby is up at the crack of dawn and has already fed the dogs AND taken them for a long walk. Learn how to reset the hot tub when the power goes out! This happened yesterday and when I decided to get in last night because the air was crisp and stars were out, but the water temp was at 86 when it should have been 102 or so….I think. Then I remembered the power went out for just a blip during the day and Andre always does the Hot Tub resetting. He also keeps the water chemicals at all the levels they should be.
Wow – I just realized how lazy I really am! And get this! Andre won’t be home until Friday. Am I cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for myself and Erin? No. BUT I did make plans with a friend (who’s husband is also out of town) to meet at Cracker Barrel for their Thanksgiving Table. And Erin is invited of course. It sounds pretty good and best of all – no clean up afterwards. And I’m sure everything will be edible which is not guaranteed if I cook.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. On Thursday I will take the time to remember that I am very thankful for my family and friends. I have wonderful people in my life.