Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Boys Are Winning

12 lambs so far. 10 rams and only 2 ewes.

I have one more ewe due to lamb. Border Leicester Jazzy who had triplets last year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all girls from her.

BTW – I’m thinning the flock at the end of summer (after weaning) as we just don’t have the room. Romey the Ram is moving to a friend’s farm to meet new lovely wool ladies. I’ll probably be giving away some nice sheep to good homes (I must know you). If anyone wants a purebred Border Leicester ram lamb let me know - the boys will be “banded” soon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lambs Finally!

We finally have lambs! 7 in the last week. 6 rams and 1 ewe lamb. oh well...
Apparently all the mixes wanted to go first. The 3 Border Leicester moms are holding out. Not even bagged up yet.

This is Spot, ram lamb. Border Leicester/Suffolk

Twin ewe and ram lambs. Border Leicester/Cheviot

Twin ram lambs. Border Leicester/Hair breed mix mama. Mom is named Buffy because she looks like a buffalo.

Twin ram lambs. Border Leicester/Hair breed mix mama. Mama is Monkey. What can I say, she has a monkey face. Ugly girl but I really like her. She had some cute babies,huh?