Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I was supposed to tag 3 more people for the 40 things about me exercise, but I don't know anyone else who blogs who hasn't already done this. So this leg of it ends with me. Sorry.

Monday, January 26, 2009

40 Things About Me

I got tagged to do this exercise (thx Julie!) – write 40 things that people may not know about me. I haven’t lived a hugely exciting or varied life so most people know the few things about me there is to know. But I’ll take a stab.

1. I was born June 13, 1957 in Washington, D.C. in a hospital that no longer exists - Hahnemann Hospital. I grew up in Herndon, Virginia and had a very happy childhood.
2. There were 4 siblings in the family. Bryson, Jeff (passed away last year and I still can’t believe that he’s gone), Keith and myself. 10 years separates Bryson and myself. They are all wonderful, caring men. My parents were the best. They have passed.
3. I took piano lessons for 7 years when I was in elementary and middle school. My mother (the church organist) introduced all of us to piano lessons and all ended up continuing on with either the piano or other musical instruments. I hated to play then, but now love it and have our family piano. Andre plays too. I also played the flute and was second seat one year.
4. I was a majorette in High School. It was a fun group of girls and a time that I remember with a smile. I dated 2 tuba players. During this recent Inauguration, I remembered that I was in an Inaugural Parade in the early 70’s(Nixon!). All the high school bands in Fairfax County, VA joined together into one group and all the majorettes and flag teams marched alongside of this huge band. Little innocent me was subjected to lots of profanity during that parade! Wow, people didn’t like Nixon? J
5. I got married when I was 19 and had my son Ben when I was 20. Too young. Daughter Erin was born when I was 28. It wasn’t a good marriage but I tried to make it work. We split up when she was 7 months old. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.
6. I’m going to be a grandmother this year. Ben and his girlfriend Theresa are expecting. They live in Tampa.
7. I met Andre when we both worked for the U.S. Senate. He had come down from Maine with Sen. George Mitchell’s administration, when he was Majority Leader. There were lots of cute “Mainers” for us girls to sink our claws into. He was cute AND nice and we hit it off right away. We started talking at an after work get together at a local bar – My Brother’s Place – and I snared him away from a sleazebag! who kept grabbing his ass.
8. I love sushi.
9. I can’t stand the sound of people eating food. Some commercials (Grape Fruit) drive me insane. Andre has learned to eat carrots in another room.
10. I’m too critical of people, but I keep it to myself. I usually give most people a break when I meet them and assume they are good, but once they lose my respect, it’s gone.
11. I love the smell of my sheep. I have a wool sweater from Ireland that still has that strong wool/sheep smell and I LOVE it.
12. I love my hot tub, in the winter when it’s snowing. I really like sitting there and looking at the stars.
13. I like maps. Andre does too. In fact there is an old atlas that stays in our bathroom and is our “reading material”. Weird. Some people have Reader’s Digest, we have maps!
14. I really want to learn to spin wool. I have the spinning wheel, I have the wool, I just need to find the time. I get stuck like that a lot. Things get put on the back burner as I’m living day to day, and it’s so easy to just chug along and not do anything but work and sleep.
15. I like watching stupid shows. The latest is Sober House (off shoot from Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab). Also, Intervention. Wow are those people screwed up! I also like any shows with ghosts or paranormal research. Stupid I know, because I would NEVER want to come face to face with a ghost, but for some reason I like hearing stories about OTHER PEOPLE who have. Andre laughs when Ghost Hunters is on and he says “Wow, they saw an ORB!” Those shows occasionally caution that people should never play with Ouija Boards. I never would now, but when I was young our parents gave us one for Christmas!!! They used to be very popular and all my friends had one. Of course we always accused one friend of moving the pointer!
16. I don’t like work/job. I really want to win the Lottery, but only play when it’s over 100,000,000. I have to say that since I do have to work, my job isn’t too bad. I really appreciate it now that so many people are losing their jobs.
17. I don’t go to church because I became disillusioned. When my first marriage was failing my MIL wanted us to go to Jim and Tammy Bakkers ministry(!!) for marriage counseling. Oh yeah, they turned out to be great role models. Then our minister at church started having problems. He apparently was an alcoholic and went on binges, which the church covered up. Then money started missing and people saw him about town, having dinners with a lady in the choir and it came out that he had been “counseling” her through her divorce and they were having sex in his office at church. Ugh. I know they are humans and subjected to the same temptations, but come on. Priests and church leaders have to hold themselves to a higher standard because they can so easily take advantage of young boys and girls, women in despair and anyone weak in spirit.
I am religious, but I am not ready to attend church. I went to several churches in the area when my brother passed away, and found comfort in the music. I haven’t been recently.
18. I don’t drink alcohol. Not for lack of wanting. I slowly became allergic, so unless I want to do party tricks and turn all red and blotchy and stuffed up, it’s just not worth how it makes me feel. So now I’m the designated driver if Andre wants to have a couple. Works for us!
19. I went to Old Dominion University for 1 year. I took some classes at community colleges throughout the years, but I never got my degree. I regret that.
20. I read 3 or more books at the same time. I’ll read a few chapters in one and then another night I’ll start another book. I have about 10 books waiting in the basket beside my bed. I prefer non-fiction over fiction.
21. I’m not a good cook. I once made baked chicken with a coating of crushed Frosted Flakes, because I remembered someone telling me how good it was. I didn’t remember correctly. It should have been made with Corn Flakes! No one finished their chicken.
22. I pick through Chex Mix and Chinese Rice Cracker mixes, etc. and only eat what I like. I only like the Chex cereal and leave the peanuts and pretzels. I pick out all the wasabi balls and the shiny rice crackers and leave the nuts, sesame seed thingies etc. This drives Andre crazy.
23. I’m a Democrat. I’m a liberal. Tree-huggin, bleeding heart. I am so excited about the new administration. I’m very tolerant of other views, and actually like to hear debates so I can understand where people are coming from. I have no patience with bigotry, racism and hate.
24. I don’t like to vacuum or do any housework really. Andre helps a lot, which I really appreciate. If we ever get to the point where we have disposable income, I would like to get a maid to come in once a week.
25. I had guinea hens and we enjoyed them. I called them little hovercrafts because of the way they’d run across the lawn and you couldn’t see their feet. Sadly they became meals for the hawks and foxes and we gave up after a few years. Same with our chickens. After having them for 2 years, one day something got all 6 of them. Of course with the birds gone, so are the RATS. I heard a commotion in the garage one day and thought the neighbor’s cat had gotten in, so I was calling “kitty, kitty”, and then saw the rat tail as it scurried away. YUCK.
26. I don’t like talking about myself, so this exercise is a little uncomfortable.
27. I get choked up when I watch border collies work stock. I’ve been known to wipe away a tear or two.
28. I’m afraid of guns. It’s a phobia because I have a feeling that if I even look at a gun, it’s going to go off. I plan on taking a gun safety course in March at Gander Mountain. Facing my fears.
29. I was the Student Council President in 6th grade. All A’s. THEN, 7th grade happened. Went to middle school and got my first F. Very traumatic.
30. I had a BFF from 1st grade till we graduated from HS. We were inseparable. Kept in touch for a few years but haven’t seen her in 25 years. Donna Kay King – are you out there? I miss you.
31. I don’t like to “go shopping”. I do most of my shopping online.
32. We sing silly songs to our dogs. Each one has its own.
33. I need 9 hours of sleep at night.
34. Don’t make me communicate when I first get up. Questions that only require yes or no are fine.
35. I don’t like soda drinks. Ginger Ale is tolerable. I don’t like the sweetness of dark colas and I just don’t like to burp I guess.
36. I must buy the Washington Post on Sunday. The rest of the week is read online.
37. I sometimes buy Star magazine. I’m a pop culture junkie. But I’m starting not to care because they now talk about people I’ve never heard of. I don’t care what Miley is doing, but give me some Brangelina!
38. I have to buy new wool socks every year. I absolutely love them. By the end of the season the heels have blown out.
39. I am friends with a group of ladies who all used to work together at the Senate 20+ years ago. When we started leaving for other jobs we decided to meet once a month (or close to that) to keep in touch. We still meet. Good Good Friends. Hey B’s! We once had a “reading” done by a psychic. She told us we all were together in a past life. And we were men!
40. I keep the thermostat at 63, but someone keeps turning it up to 64.