Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's About Time

We have DISH satellite. Have had it for the 7 years we’ve been here and we’ve been happy with the service. The last year or so though, we’ve been getting flyers in the mail advertising free upgrades to HD DVR for NEW customers. I called a couple of times to see if that offer extended to existing customers and of course it didn't. Oh of course I could upgrade and pay $300+ for the new boxes and dish and installation. Ugh.

Well low and behold, last week we got a flyer from them saying that they want to reward their loyal customers (ha – they want to keep us!) by offering free HD DVR upgrade, Free HBO and Showtime for 3 months (they automatically cancel after the 3 months), $10 credit for 12 months etc. etc. etc. I called on Monday to see if there was a catch. NONE….other than committing to them for 24 months, otherwise we’d get charged $15/mo for any months left on the 24 month agreement. AND she noticed that we had Autopay and that made us eligible for Cinemax for a year for $.01. I signed up for it (installing this Friday!) and they’ve already added the premium movie channels. We watched Burn After Reading last night – a strange but funny Coen brothers movie.

I shouldn’t be so excited about this, but I’m looking forward to recording shows. And fast forwarding through commercials (I think we can do that?)

If you get this offer in the mail, there really isn’t a catch to it. Just need to commit to 24 months. I kept asking the lady on the phone!

Now we need to find something to replace our HughesNet internet service.


Kathy said...

I'll have to keep an eye on our mail as we have DishTV.

Debbie P said...

i almost tossed it out with the junk mail, so watch for a cardboard type mailing with your name on it in bold. Or call them and ask about it.

Laura Carson said...

Aw, man, I am SO jealous! Congrats on the new stuff. I used to LOVE having a DVR - bet you will too. When I last farmsat I DVR'd lots of stuff like Ice Age on the owner's DVR. Bet he got hom and was like, WTH? LOL!